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YEN Dumpling Bistro

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Full Product/Service Description:
If you’re looking for Asian fusion in Siem Reap, go no farther than YEN Dumpling Bistro. Situated close to the Yen 2Night Market, this restaurant offers a wide selection of dumplings with an international twist and an array of sauces to individualise your order.

Each dish is named after a location, such as the Taipei (pan-fried dumpling filled with beef, bokchoy, spring onion and ginger) or the popular Mama Russia (boiled dumpling filled with roasted spinach and garlic and a blue cheese sauce). Don’t fill up on dinner, though, because YEN also serves dessert dumplings, in flavours like banana and nutella or dark chocolate and passionfruit.

The atmospheric restaurant, decorated with red lanterns, is also a great place to spend the evening. Patrons can sample the full menu of cocktails or the international wine list, and enjoy YEN’s outdoor terrace. Tired tourists can also order takeaway.

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)
We uses bio-degradable packages made from Ecosense&Cleanbodia

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