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Company’s Impact to Environment
(conservation natural resources, reduction of pollution, water usage, solid waste disposal etc)
We use some natural resources, as example, recycled ring pull tops off cans. Currently sourcing
locally made fabric to use for bags.

Management Practice/Performance
( setting of policies, programs, targets and initiatives to help the company & environment)Wow Women2 (Copy) (Copy)
Our programs are designed to empower local women in a squatter settlement, gain skills
training and employment; they learn sewing and jewellry making, and they sell to overseas
shops and groups; plus sell locally at Shinta Mani Market and shops; cafes and hotels. The plan
is to expand soon into two new areas to teach other poor women; using women from the
current project to elevate them to teacher level. A Cambodian Project Manager will be
employed in March to train to take full responsibility in the Directors absence, with the view
that ultimately the project will be self sustainable, locally.
Company’s Influence and Reputation
(company’s influence to employees, being a leader on the industry and to the community)
Wow Cambodia has great acceptance from the local chief, who officially opened the project in
Trupiangse in 2011, and who is invited each year as we celebrate the women’s success at their
anniversary. We have an excellent reputation within the community as well as with the
Managing Director of Shinta Mani Hotel, where the women sell their product. It is evident that
we have impacted the local community by improving the lifestyles of this group of women, and
continue to train and empower these women to rise to higher levels in their own micro
businesses in the future. The women already in leadership are content and extremely happy
with the training and opportunity given to them.

Company’s Direct Impact to the Community
(producing sustainable projects or tasks that communicates and by involving community)
Currently, all women except one in the Trupiangse village are part of the WOW project; the one
who is not, has her own business selling at a food stall. We have assisted with building a toilet
and a well through Light of the Nations organisation, who provide a covering for this project.We
established a Pre school for the mothers’ children, so while they are sewing with WOW the
children are educated by an employed Pre school teacher. Some of these children are now being
sponsored into Elli International school;; and more local children from the community are being
added to the pre school. There are Weekly English lessons offered; Tae Kwon do classes; Weekly
Young teen girls group to teach English, skills, craft etc; Games and activities for the boys
weekly, and regular additional life skills sessions implemented in health, hygiene and money
management. These are assisted by Light of the Nations sometimes, and not directly as part of
WOW. Continual skills training takes place with the women, and it is projected that the few men

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