yann Phanith
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SoundPLAN International LLC

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The Sound Plan GmbH is an engineering company, specializing in the areas of noise, air pollution control and software development.

Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, geographers, physicists and computer, bring the technical know-how both in the engineering activity as well as in the program development of sound plan.
Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)

Soundplan air

Under many plans it is necessary to calculate besides noise pollution and air pollutant emissions.Fortunately, provides sound plan a unified software interface for noise and pollution calculations available, so you can work efficiently as a user on both fields and exchange data without having to go through a GIS.

Sound plan proposes thus a convenient bridge between science and technology. The scientifically proven calculation models were integrated into the proven user-friendly interface and supplemented with specific tools for data control, data conversion and presentation of results. Benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in the programming of emission protection software.