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Sister Srey Café

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Full Product/Service Description:
Sister Srey Cafe is a Social Enterprise, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Run and operated by Sisters Lauren And Cassie. The Girls, opened the business to have “Good Coffee” and also help and support Khmer students and to make a sustainable impact into the community.
Our vision at Sister Srey Cafe is to support young Khmer students who struggle to keep a balance between study

Sister Srey by Antal Gabelics

Sister Srey by Antal Gabelics

and supporting their family. Each staff member in trained in hospitality, English language skills, personal development, health and hygiene and banking. We are a stepping stone to a brighter future and a means for them to have skills and knowledge to approach the world empowered and confident.
Sister Srey has various incentives and activities in which support the local and rural community. The team is an active member of Siem Reaps “Clean up Temple town” where our staff volunteer to pick up rubbish around town and create a cleaner environment. Monthly, our staff participate in our community service program “Helping out a friend” Where each staff member chooses a NGO or project of choice and do something for people less fortunate than themselves.
To date we have had, staff building wells and toilets for families, participating in a soup kitchen to feed street children and health workshops. Sister Srey also composts all waste and goes to directly to NGO Green Gecko Farm and has a sustainable recycling program and waste management system.
We provide reusable Takeaway Cups, Bamboo Straws, and Biodegradable bags and Takeaway Boxes. We also donate our excess food / food waste to local farmers for composting, and we host “Clean Up Days” with our staff, where we pick up trash around the riverside.

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)

We have gone plastic and Styrofoam free to reduce our impact on environmental pollution. Our takeaway cups and bamboo straws encourage our customers and staff to take their own simple steps in keeping the planet clean 11041228_809778872434821_1585965840176900211_n (Copy)and reducing waste. We chose to donate all leftover and spoiled food to local farmers as a way to both cut back on waste and support the local farming community. The “Clean Up Day” helps inspire and remind our young staff members that protecting the planet and keeping this community clean is in the hands of the people.

How do you promote your activities?

We promote the important of being green whenever and however possible on our social media and by educating our staff so they can inform customers.

Do you have activities within the organization? (targeting your employees and board)

A stated above, we include our staff in all our efforts to educate tourists and locals on the importance of reducing waste and caring for the environment.

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