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Natural Fine Furnishings

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Description: Natural Fine Furnishings is an importer, distributor and seller of handmade furniture and decorative pieces. Our collection includes stools, tables, benches, wall panels, spa accessories and accent pieces like vases and bowls.

While our website is relatively new, we have been in business for many years. Natural Fine Furnishings is dedicated to finding the most beautiful, unique, environmentally friendly furniture the world has to offer. We pride ourselves in selling items that are as individual as the settings they grace.  In order to do this, we travel to the other side of the globe to find the remarkable pieces you see on our website. All of our products come from the Chiang Mai area in northern Thailand, where skilled craftsmen create these one-of-a-kind pieces with the simplest of tools. What these craftsmen accomplish is extraordinary. Many of the items resemble a piece of art as much as a piece of furniture!

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)

All of our products are made from sustainable wood grown specifically for the woodcarving and furniture making industry (monkey pod, teak and mango wood). That means our pieces are eco-friendly as well as stylish!

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