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As director and long term resident in Cambodia I have been involved in many community based eco-tourism development projects, which I still support to today. These activities translate into daily management and our products, offering people more off the beaten track trips, more authentic experiences and the possibility to give back to the community. Lolei Travel is often asked by government to partake in sessions that concern tourism development and we invest a lot in Cambodia’s image, not necessarily promoting ourselves as a company. We like to work as a team in a sector that primarily looks after themselves only.Picnic at Pagoda (Copy)

Small office rules like using recycled paper, collecting empty water bottles, using large 20L tanks instead of small bottles, etc.

Support of local development of a school in Kok Dong community with money donations, computers, and other materials; support local families and pagoda’s by always leaving donations when visiting .

Support and invest in employees development through training courses, allowing them to move up the ladder by continuous training opportunities, rewards in the form of salary or staff trips.

Supporting mainly other responsible businesses, who follow the same non commission based philosophy we follow. We support in Kok Dong close to 400 children with a school set up by and former employee. The school receives donations in money and goods from us and much in terms of management advice.

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)With the money we have raised for the school, the school has expanded in the last 2 years exponentially and has at the moment around 370 kids in it who wouldn’t have proper educational access without this school. WE DIDN’T START THE SCHOOL, WE SUPPORT IT NOW. It is significant as local young Khmer volunteers dedicate themselves to the children and their community, seeing that a company like us is also dedicated to it. They follow. The children of course are kept away from child labor or any other potential harmful activities.

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