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Lewis Bamboo Inc.  

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Our family owned and operated nursery dedicated solely to the production of bamboo. Recognized as one of the top producers of bamboo in North America due to our proprietary propagating and growing techniques. We grow over 150 species of bamboo on our 60 acre waterfront nursery.

Growing bamboo at the current nursery site since 1985, Roger Sr. and Gayle Lewis operated the very first Alabama Bamboo Nursery with a web site in 1995 under the name Wolf Creek Bamboo. It was named after the river the nursery was established on. The business quickly expanded and was renamed Lewis Bamboo Groves.

Lewis Bamboo Groves grew rapidly and in October 2003 the nursery incorporated under the direction of Roger Jr. as Lewis Bamboo Inc.

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)

Environment friendly products


biochar_small-280x3509-5-8 plus Bamboo Biochar

Perfect for bamboo care, this time release fertilizer combined with 30% Bamboo Biochar as a soil conditioner. After 20 years of trials, this is the best fertilizer we have found to allow for long term nutrient availability and prevention of excess runoff and leaching.

A recent study on our biochar by the University of Georgia demonstrated the biochar had a water holding capacity of up to 158.4% (meaning 1.584 kg-water held by 1.0 kg-dry biochar).

Application Rates
6 ounces per cubic foot when incorporating with soil.
3 ounces per planting when topdressing.