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JUZD Streetwear  

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JUZD (short for Juiced) is the planet’s first bamboo designer label. We are a new, trendy, and eco-conscious high end, street wear line. The whole JUZD collection is made from organic bamboo fabric.

Each shirt is powered and inspired by the JUZD legend of 1898. When you wear one you are undefeatable, you are unstoppable, you are juiced. You become your alpha persona.

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)

JUZD is the start of a movement that is bringing the art back to clothing design. The JUZD shirt designs are one of a kind. Each shirt is individually numbered and is limited to as few as 1000. Each and every shirt is designed by its visionary, ensuring that it is in perfect essence with the JUZD philosophy.

We are passionate about creating innovative, organic, and edgy designs for the fashion forward eco-conscious individual. We empower you through style and comfort, using one of the most amazing natural fabrics on the planet, bamboo!

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