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Journeys Within Our Community

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Scholarship Program
The ability to attend university and achieve a higher education is well beyond the reach ^07A5816123DF484B36549257AE51DE2F1DCA69F3B8E6442E82^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrof many students in Southeast Asia even if they are able to graduate from high school. Through donor sponsorships, JWOC gives university scholarships to deserving Cambodian students. The JWOC scholarship students are the driving force behind everything we do. In return for receiving a scholarship, each student volunteers 6 and 8 hours per week on a JWOC project of their choice.

Free Classes
Although primary enrolment is improving rapidly within Cambodia, the state school system is tarnished by poor facilities, under-educated and under-paid teachers. Because of this, many who can afford extra tuition will pay to have their children home schooled, leaving those who can’t afford this left behind. JWOC utilizes its Community Centre in Siem Reap to provide Free Classes to approximately 850 children, youth and adults per tem, ranging in age from 5 to 30 years of age.

JWOC’s Educations loans project gives students the opportunity to enroll and attend university and trainings through providing low-interest loans. By offering small education and training loans, many more students can attend university and expand their knowledge while paying back in easy and affordable ways.^FCB8380B72EFACD7BD845716189C0ED8088AF56D554963BA0D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Community Support
Basic standards of living with rural areas of Cambodia are often not as high as those who live in the city, villagers often do not have access to information about basic lifestyle options and responses. JWOC provides training and assistance to children and adults in topics such as Hygiene, Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Good Parenting and Maternal Health.

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