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Babel Guest House

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Full Product/Service Description:
Babel Guesthouse is run with an active focus on Responsible Tourism. We constantly10891538_10155118980680517_337262541591152365_n (Copy)
seek to provide benefits from the tourism industry to the local community in Siem Reap,
and we are doing our best to cause as little damage as possible to the area in which we
operate. We only hire local staff, drivers and guides. They all receive plenty of training,
good working conditions, fair salaries and flexible working hours to enable the staff to
continue their education. We buy our food for the restaurant at the local market, and we
support good projects in town that actively focus on Responsible Tourism.

Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)
Green initiatives in Babel Guesthouse:
Bamboo straws Around a year ago we started using bamboo straws in Babel. This way we no longer have to use the small soaps covered with plastic in every room every day.

Green linen bags from HUSK At the same time we also started using green linen bags from HUSK when we are going to buys groceries. This way we save the environment for a lot of plastic bags.

Soap dispensers We placed soap dispensers in every room of Babel. Now we don’t have to use soaps covered with plastic in every room every day.

Garbage picking in the streets of Siem Reap Every year at Babel Guesthouse, we do a garbage-picking event. Weslideshow_2 (Copy) do this normally together with the Norwegian Globalstudies students staying here every year. During the event we collect donations from friends and family back home in Norway, and this money goes directly to Education for young Cambodians, including education for all the staff at Babel and several of our Tuk Tuk drivers. We have gotten a lot of articles in Norway because of these events, and this has helped creating awareness about the growing problem with plastic pollution. But it has also given us necessary donations in our Fond – and this way we are making a difference.
This year (2016) we decided to join forces with BBU and Shinta Mani and join in on the garbage picking the 8th of March. We started at 10 am with a small presentation here at Babel about Plastic Pollution. Staff and Tuk Tuk drivers at Babel joined, together with some of our guests. Also participating was Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, the Living Quarters Hostel 543, Beatnik and Yolo bar.

We have always given away our food-left overs to a farmer, who gives it to their pigs. We have just contacted Naga Earth, and start giving our used cooking oil to them for biodiesel. We will also start using their biodiesel in our generator here at Babel. We also contacted Ecosense and Cleanbodia, because we will start using their take away boxes and their “I am a plant” bags. Also, we work together with New beginnings Cambodia, who supports families in poverty and affected by HIV. They maintain our Air-conditions here in Babel Guesthouse.

Babel Educational Program
Trough Babel Educational program, seven of our staff now started their Bachelor
degrees at Build Bright University (BBU). Four of our staff study English at ACE school
and we also give English lessons here at Babel. We also sponsor the staff with Spanish-
French- and German lessons. Check out our Blog with updates on all our work with the
Program: www.babeleducationalprogram.wordpress.org.
Here is a YouTube video of Babel Education program:

The fond started with the 60-year birthday of Katrine Solhaugs father, John-Daniel
Solhaug. He didn’t need any presents, so he decided to wish for money for his birthday –
money to support Education for young Cambodians. And then Solhaugfond was set up.
Solhaugfond has sponsored four young Cambodians from the Young Adults program in
the Sangkheum Center for Children. All four of them now completed their higher
education in Battambang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and have good jobs and a bright
future. Solhaugfond also gives GREAT support to Babel Educational Program.
Solhaugfonds webpage: www.solhaugfond.wordpress.com

Babel Educational Staff trip
Every year we do Educational staff trips to other provinces in Cambodia for the local
staff to learn more about their own country and what it has to offer. These trips give the
staff the experience in how it is like to be a tourist. And what´s very important –
teambuilding! We have great fun! These trips make us closer together, and give us
motivation to do an even better job with our guests in Babel when we come back. We
have been to Battambang, Phnom Penh and even all the way down to Sihanoukville. It
was the first time for most of the staff to see the ocean.
YouTube videos of our staff trip to Phnom Penh:

And a YouTube video of our staff trip to Sihanoukville:

For three months every year, Babel Guesthouse is the home to Norwegian Tourism students. The company, Globalstudies, is a Norwegian registered shareholder company, founded by Katrine Solhaug and Simen Julner. In cooperation with the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, we offer our students the chance to take part of their Bachelor degree in Siem Reap, and specialize in Responsible Tourism. By taking a part of their studies in Siem Reap, a city with many well-established Responsible Tourism operators, they will get a wider understanding of their studies. By visiting such operators, and by contributing to the local society themselves, the students will learn by doing – not just learn by reading. Our Globalstudies students actively support our Babel Educational Program, and one day every year they walk around the streets of Siem Reap picking garbage. Their friends and family back in Norway sponsor the garbage picking, and this gives great support that enables us to continue giving our staff higher education.

We are proud members of Child Safe International. Child Safe is an international network that consists of local and international people, businesses and groups that protects children from abuse and prevents them from being placed in abusive situations. For more information see vwww.childsafe-international.org Being Child Safe members, our staff is trained in: • Making our guests aware of the dangers many Cambodian kids get subjected to. Guests are asked to contact Child Safe if they notice any suspicious activity involving children. • Giving our guests the information about thinking twice before buying anything from the kids on the streets. By doing this you only encourage them to stay on the streets instead of going to school. There are many better ways to help Cambodian kids to get a brighter future. • Recommend the guests to visit well run places that focus on the local community, such as the local hospital where they can give blood, the handicap training center, schools, workshops, restaurants, cafés and museums.

Babel Guesthouse is also a businesses member of ConCERT, an NGO which helps support well run NGOs across Cambodia. For more information see www.concertcambodia.org

How do you promote your activities?
Website, fb, events

Do you have activities within the organization? (targeting your employees and board)

Dou you have activities outside the organization ?(targeting your customer or vendors)

With guests: charity events in Babel: live music and BBQ. Collecting money for our fond.
Three times we arranged concerts with activities in Norway to collect money in the fund
Former guests have done different events for us to collect money. One family arranged a carnival
My Norwegian famous friend Hanne Sørvaag sold many og her dresses and donated to our fund
Her Mom has a second hand shop (non for profit) that gives us funding as well!

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