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atg UV Technology

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For critical systems where dose delivery must be assured, atg UV Technology can supply 3rd party validated Ultraviolet systems for a range of applications at varying Ultraviolet transmissions (UVT%). These systems are validated to the US EPA UVDGM (Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual) Standard. This gives atg UV Technology the flexibility to offer systems for both RED dose and 1 – 5 LOG reductions.

Note: All modern systems for drinking water and make-up water applications are now expected to be validated by a 3rd party test house. atg UV have 3rd party validation using the US EPA UVDGM, a standard seen as the ‘worlds strictest performance criteria’. This ensures atg UV systems will perform and guarantees the system provided will be future proof against new specification standards and legislation.
Why these product/services considered as GREEN?


atg UV’s attitude to design and manufacture is driven by a ‘quality first’ approach. As an ISO 9001 company and Queens Award Winner with Achelies UVBD and NSF accreditation, you can be assured that all atg UV products are consistently engineered to the highest standards.


In addition to our standard one-year warranty, available on all newly purchased atg UV products, atg UV Technology is now offering a WORLD EXCLUSIVE five-year warranty across our entire range of UV treatment systems. This offer is only available from atg UV Technology and provides the water treatment industry with the longest period of warranty available for UV equipment world- wide.

Our five-year warranty is a sure sign of quality, demonstrating that atg UV not only works hard to provide world class system designs, but also continues to provide customers with a world class after sales support service. The warranty covers chambers, mechanical parts and electrical components. (Excludes consumable spares & labour, only available in selected territories).

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