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Description:ecoCaffe is the Australian distributor for Ethical Coffee Company’s eco-friendly and green biodegradable coffee pods. Aluminium coffee pods can take up to 150-200 years to decompose and cause astronomical amounts of environmental damage.
Why these product/services considered as GREEN? (what’s the impact on the environment/community)

Plastic capsules are even worse for the environment and may remain in landfill for more than 500 years. Ethical Coffee Company pods are made from vegetable starches and plant based materials that biodegrade in as little as 180 days, and due to their organic composition do not cause harm to the environment. The Ethical Coffee Company capsules deliver a genuine espresso coffee, meaning that they are the only genuine alternative to Nespresso. You can check out these pods in our online store You can learn more about the effects of plastic and aluminium Coffee Pods on the environment here. Biodegradable coffee pods certified to EN13432 standard, Ethical coffee sourcing practices, Packaging is fully biodegradable, Cardboard boxes are made from 100% recycled materials

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