What does Green means to GIGO?

What does Green means to GIGO

For GIGO the word “GREEN” is a combination of safeguarding the environment, society involvement and developing a sustainable community.

To better understand, being GREEN does not only imply the protection of the environment from the harmful action of humans as a result of development but also the task of spreading the awareness of the so called alternative options for believers and practitioners to influence others in the society to support and cooperate: And finally, is to improve the community’s livelihood system by developing sustainable projects leaded or snapseed-02managed by “aware” company/ies or organization/s to enhance living condition and may reduce poverty.

Expanding our Philosophy:

  • We at GIGO never demand you to change your life to be 100% Green practitioner, but if you have your own GREEN philosophy and you’re practicing it, your contribution can be a part of our online platform
  • We at GIGO never considered ourselves good GREEN role models but we know that we can influence others to step-forward think and share their own GREEN knowledge (even small) to others.
  • We at GIGO, believes that you don’t need only to be a GREEN idealist but a contributor
  • We at GIGO, believes that you don’t need only to be a GREEN preacher but a leader
  • We at GIGO, believes that you don’t have to be a GREEN model to others; but you know your role to play.
  • We at GIGO, believes that you don’t have to compare your GREEN action or achievement to others, small, medium or big contributions matters.
  • Green is a way of life not some rules and regulations to follow.
  • Green is not just a eco talk, Green is respecting the life as life
  • Green is the awareness not just trying to live the life in theory.
  • Green is being a responsible individual or in a group to become active on reducing waste
  • Green is to find alternative ways to reduce excess usage of resources.
  • Green is a conscious behavior on making decision to act and respect the world and its resources.
  • Green in business, If a service provider includes values and principles for caring the nature through action
  • Green in business, if a manufacturer, means producing environment friendly products.
  • Green in Society, is where all of its member are creating a way to influence others to follow
  • Green in Government, is by implementing laws for people to follow and obey








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