What is GIGO

About GIGO
The 4 R’s (Reduce – Reuse -Recycle – Respond) is the very reason why we have created GIGO
As an online-platform, we considered ourselves responsible for promoting the existence of socially-aware and same-like-minded companies, organization, practitioners and professionals who believed on the importance of living in a clean and safe environment without depending too much on the usage of non-biodegradable materials that may cause further damage to the ecosystem.cropped-10293774_1701718456753605_8557689871816142355_o.jpg
We at GIGO, together with entrepreneurs and experts who care for the environment totally understood that the zero eradication of the usage of non-biodegradable materials (such as Plastic and Styrofoam) is impossible to achieve overnight. It is a serious process on where all of us, must create and option or diversion and distribute this awareness through the use of tri-media, proper education, Government implementation and citizen’s cooperation.
This is where GIGO stepped in and as our major contribution, our online-platform, can be used by everyone to promote the existence and availability of the we-so-called “environment-friendly options” whether it is a product, ingredients, tools and etc., manufactured or provided by any green-driven individuals, professionals and companies.
GIGO’s full effort on exposing the existence of any available Green companies and organizations is all for the benefit of the public’s awareness. Through awareness, people will know and may help to activate the sense of choosing to cooperate and that may influence other people to follow. With today’s technology and impact of social media, GIGO’s online-platform and effort highlighting the existence of any Green Companies will make them closer and reachable to their targeted audiences. Therefore, it will help to increase the chance of first-hand contact, dialogue and exchanges of idea between two parties; either consumer to supplier and vice versa.
We at GIGO never discriminate, neither bias on our selections. Small, medium and big enterprises or rsz_gigoworld_final_1_copyorganization can be a part of GIGO as long as they have a fair contribution (doesn’t matter if it is big or small) and their products or services and practices are inline with our Philosophy on running a business while supporting and helping to improve the community, society, and/or environment.
GIGO will continue to improve our services and we will make sure to deliver transparency and integrity at all times. Our effort to expose and uplift any green-driven individuals, professionals or even companies will always be our priority to enhance the economic growth of the so called Green Industry that we believed in.

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